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Creative Accounts Manager
John Cutsinger

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Chad's Logistical Account Manager is Derrick Walsh

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Valerie Ezell is the Customer Service Manager in our Clarksville Plant

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Chad Ragland, CJE – Jostens Representative

Chad admits to being a true yearbook nerd at heart. Advisers rave about his service and willingness to support the staff beyond expectations. He makes a substantial contribution to not only education and production but also to staff morale and recognition. His individual incentives for his staffs demonstrate his desire for their success.

In his role on the Master Communications Team at Jostens, Chad demonstrates the respect he has from management for his leadership. Since joining Jostens in 2007, he has earned 4 prestigious “Leadership Awards” for the value he brings his yearbook partners.

Chad recently obtained the JEA Certified Journalism Educator endorsement.
As an avid runner, he confesses that marathons run close to yearbook planning and production.

Johnny Cutsinger, CJE – Creative Account Manager

John Cutsinger, CJE, begins his 42nd year as an ultimate publications nerd. With teaching, advising and training experience, he currently shares ideas as a part of the Jostens creative management team. “It is humbling to be on the JEA/NSPA program with so many incredibly talented and passionate educators and advisers. What’s even better is that most of them are friends – there’s no place like scholastic journalism.”

“John is a yearbook original. In my 20 years as a yearbook adviser, I have found no one who even comes close to him when it comes to providing creative input, an eye for detail and professional and moral support. But most importantly, he inspires us to continuously raise the bar in the pursuit of excellence. For me and my staff, John is indispensable.” • Mark Schledorn, Westshore Jr/Sr High School, Melbourne, FL

Some of Johnny’s Nerd-tastic Recognition:

  • 16 years in the classroom as an English/journalism teacher and publications adviser; advised middle school for 2 years
  • His yearbook, newspaper, & magazine staffs won top state & national awards for 10 consecutive years
  • 5 years reporter, writer & designer for weekly community newspaper
  • 2 years editor of Civilian Enterprise news publication at Fort Chaffee, AR
  • 1987 Dow Jones National Journalism Teacher of the Year
  • CSPA Gold Key Recipient
  • NSPA Pioneer Award
  • SIPA Distinguished Adviser Award
  • OIPA Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 1992 FJA Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2000 Texas Association of Journalism Educators Trailblazer Award
  • 2000 Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Association Keystone Award
  • 2002 Texas Interscholastic League Press Conference Legend Award
  • 2004 JEA Medal of Merit Award
  • Past JEA Curriculum Commissioner
  • Past judge for CSPA, NSPA, SIPA and countless state scholastic press associations
  • 3-year Marketing Manager & Creative Works Director with Jostens in Minnesota
  • Projects include Adviser & Staff magazine, History Repeats Itself yearbook history book, 1,2,3 Yearbook Curriculum Co-Author
  • 5-year Creative Accounts Manager with Jostens in California & 10 years in Florida
  • Jostens Leadership Quest Award

Derrick Walsh – Logistical Account Manager

Derrick has education and mentoring “in his blood.” From being a personal banker trainer at a financial institution, to his Bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Central Florida – Derrick knows the ins and outs to developing skills, educating people on new processes, and getting the job done.

At Jostens, Derrick is the Logistical Account Manager for the Central Florida office.  Some of his key responsibilities include: staff training, data management, yearbook and ad marketing program implementation, and project management.  Schools that have worked with Derrick know that “if there is a will, there is a way”, and that Derrick will get the job done.

Valerie Ezell – Customer Service Manager

I first fell in love with the yearbook creation process when I was the Editor of my high school yearbook in Western Kentucky.   I then continued my involvement while attending college at Murray State University.   During my four years there I was the Organizations Editor and then the Photography Editor.  I actually toured the Jostens plant as a staff member.   After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Printing Management and Masters in Communications, I joined the Jostens team.   Since that time Customer service and yearbooks have been one for me.   I have over 30 years working with Jostens and love the way Jostens continues to adapt to our changing world.

Jennifer Rudolph – Plant Consultant






Three little letters and what they mean

You may have noticed that I now have three additional letters (CJE) after my name on this website and my newsletter. I thought this might be a good place to tell everyone about those three little letters—how I earned them and why I am proud they follow my name.

CJE stands for Certified Journalism Educator. That means that I, as well as other Jostens reps from around the country, have taken part in the Journalism Education Association’s (JEA) rigorous accreditation process as part of Jostens formal sales representative training program. Earning the certification requires weeks of preparation and passing a three-hour exam focusing on journalistic writing and editing, graphics and design, legal and ethical considerations, fiscal management, leadership training, conflict resolution and more.

Here’s what it means to the JEA from its executive director, Kelly Furnas: “Certification from the Journalism Education Association helps signify the top performers in our profession—those individuals who are not only great educators but great journalists, too. I think it speaks volumes about a yearbook company that would make this level of excellence a standard for its representatives who interact with classrooms.”

If you are not familiar with the JEA, they are the largest scholastic journalism organization, with 2,500 members consisting of journalism teachers and publication advisers, media professionals, press associations, adviser organizations, libraries, publishing companies, newspapers, radio stations and departments of journalism. I am proud to be a part of this organization and to have been one of the first yearbook reps certified by them as a Journalism Educator.



Chad's plant consultant in Clarksville is Jennifer Rudolph.

You can reach Jennifer by phone at 800-248-9725

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