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Here's what Chad's advisers have to say about Jostens products and his services.


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Here's what some of Chad's advisers have to say about Jostens products and his services.


Roxie Steward, Orangewood Christian School, Maitland told us:

“Chad and the Jostens team are always willing to help. There have been so many times I’ve asked for a favor I assumed would be rejected but instead I have always been met with a yes. Whether it’s asking for a page back because we forgot to change something, or even just offering advice about how to handle a difficult situation, I always feel like someone has my back. When I first came on as adviser (half-way through a year) Chad told me he would do anything he could to make sure our book got submitted on time and he lived up to that promise. Chad has been such a wonderful go-to in these times. He knows how the system works and how to make it work better.

Most importantly, Chad is a huge encouragement to me and my staff. Whenever he stops by he always has positive feedback about our book. He recognizes the work that goes into a yearbook and makes sure you and your staff know that you are valued. I truly don’t think I would have made the transition into being an adviser without the support of Jostens and, of course, Chad himself.”

Shanna Graifer, Matanzas High School, Palm Coast told us:

"Chad started coming in to help me and my staff a couple of years ago and we couldn’t be more pleased with the services that Jostens has provided to our school. The advertisement is amazing! The flyers and emails that are sent home to families have helped increase our pre-sale books by a lot!

I also love the website and how it allows families to make payments for their yearbooks. I know that some families struggle with coming up with the extra money for a yearbook, but with the payment schedule, it allows families to make payments over time. We also love the software that they use to create the yearbooks. It offers really amazing functions and tools that really allow my students to get creative.

I just received my first yearbooks with Jostens and I am loving the quality of the printing! In past years, the quality our old publisher had a yellowish tint across an entire row of some of our seniors, which needless to say was a complete nightmare! I am happy to recommend Chad and Jostens. They are a stellar company to work with!"

William Wimberly, Greenwood Lakes Middle School, Lake Mary told us:

"Working with Chad and Jostens has been a refreshing experience coming from other Yearbook companies who have been not as helpful in the past. Chad will go above and beyond to be helpful, and he is a pleasure to work with. He is budget conscious, which is good for our school, and will work with you to meet your priorities and make sure your needs are met. Jostens has been quick to respond to any issues that we may encounter, and help us out. Working with them this year has taken a lot of stress off of my plate, as an adviser."

Julie Fernandez, Merritt Island High School, Merritt Island told us:

"It is my pleasure to recommend Jostens.  It has been a pleasure meeting and working with Mr. Chad Ragland of Jostens!  Chad was readily available, eager to assist, and pleasant to work with.  This being my first year as yearbook advisor, Chad helped make my transition into this position easy and smooth.  The Jostens team at the yearbook workshop presented helpful information, were all eager to help, and their cover artists were wonderful!  Jostens’ creation software, Yearbook Avenue, was easy to maneuver through and get to learn; their lesson plans have fantastic ideas for starters, and the end product we received is beautiful.  My staff and I were, overall, pleased with our relationship with Jostens."

Jen Barna, Johnson Middle School, Melbourne told us:

“Over the years, Chad has provided much advice and assistance, and he has taught me so much more than I would ever have learned had he not been Johnson Middle School’s yearbook representative.  While being our representative he helped me to produce books that were very diverse. I have always been able to call upon him with many different questions and problems, and his response to me is almost immediate—helping me quickly solve various issues that have popped up. In the many years that he has served as our yearbook representative, our yearbook The Round Up not only increased in sales, but since the quality of the book progressively got better we also won the National Yearbook Program of Excellence award in 2016.”

Jennifer Gould, Creekside Middle School, Port Orange told us:

“In addition to teaching, this year I decided to take on the task of creating the yearbook at our school. I knew it would be a challenge. I can honestly say that I would not have made it without Chad Ragland from Jostens.

Chad gave me the support I needed and he practically “held my hand” through the entire process. He is friendly, flexible, knowledgeable and a genuine person. The program was easy to understand and includes a lot of helpful information on their website. In the summer before the school year began, I took advantage of the workshop that was offered by Jostens. It was a great way to be introduced to the program and it allowed an opportunity to bond with my up and coming students.

I recommend Jostens to anyone that is thinking about a change for their yearbook needs.”

Andrew Griesemer, Celebration High School, Celebration told us:

“Upon my first meeting with Chad discussing our numbers, sales, and previous year’s book, his optimism showed that Jostens could really benefit us. After providing product samples, you could tell there was something different about them. There is too much that I could say to support him and his team, but with sales support, design assistance, and the yearbook knowledge that they have, we were able to boost our pre-orders, extend our books ordered, and we are now on track to sell out. Through strategies for student coverage, we improved our 3x coverage, improving our yearbook culture one book at a time.

All this is to say that I highly recommend Chad and his Jostens Team to gain an opportunity to be your yearbook publisher.”

Ryan Walters, Cocoa Beach Jr. / Sr. High School, Cocoa Beach told us:

“Since switching to Jostens as our yearbook provider, we have seen the quality and scope of our book increase exponentially.  The support provided by Chad and his team is second-to-none.

Additionally, Chad and Jostens have gone over and above on promises made and advice given in order to help meet the needs of a constantly shifting and changing staff of kids.  The summer camp that they offer is an invaluable tool in order to create the cover whilst having access to a superb team of professionals, as well as setting the pace and theme for the up-coming year’s book.

Lastly, the site and support given on Yearbook Avenue is amazing and substantial.  It is a dynamic site that is the work of consummate professionals and contains massive value whether your program is small or large.  It is well-constructed and easily understood.  The team at Jostens works very well with a variety of photography providers to ensure timely uploads and is wonderful in helping create the effects that help make every year’s book a special one.”

Tara Gardner, Mainland High School, Daytona Beach told us:

“I was thrown into the position of yearbook adviser with very little experience. At the end of my first year I realized I needed a new publishing company that could walk me through and be by my side for the entire yearbook production process. I met with many companies and representatives, but Chad from Jostens just "felt right." It truly has been the right choice for myself, my staff and my school. Chad and Jostens has been by my side for the entire process. Every question has been quickly answered with joy and understanding, my staff looks forward to seeing Chad on his school visits. I can't wait to create another book with the support of Chad and the Jostens crew.”

Jim Ellis, Poinciana High School, Poinciana told us:

“Thank you for the hands on attention you gave the Poinciana High yearbook staff this year. You didn’t just send emails from afar, you visited – frequently. And visiting frequently is no small feat, given the school’s location in the corner of Osceola County with no close access to major roadways. It’s a devotion of time to drive here. You also sent notes in the mail and even texted now and then.

The students responded very well to this attention. Many times throughout the year, I’d hear, “I have to finish my page because Chad is coming next week, and I want to show him my work.” That type of relationship between a representative from a yearbook company and teenage staff is not easily formed.

Chad, from all of us at Poinciana High School – myself, the staff and the entire school community – Your kindness and hands on approach has left an indelible mark.”

Kenneth Evans, Freedom Middle School, Orlando told us:

“Jostens has been absolutely phenomenal with every aspect of the production process, from our initial meeting with the students until the books were hot of the press.  Our friendly Jostens representative was not only fully invested in making our book a success but also genuinely committed to educating our students.  He was very responsive to our every need, whether it be advice on advertising or helping us meet necessary deadline.  Communications was done via phone, email, and with several school visits to my students and me.  This was an extremely helpful resource that we were fortunate to have throughout the year.

My favorite aspect of putting our yearbook together was using Yearbook Avenue, the online design program for compiling our work.  Having done yearbook for two years and having past experience with similar design projects, this program is the most efficient and user-friendly program I have every used!  For me, the best part was having a photo editor built directly into the program.  This allowed me to edit pictures much faster to put them in the book for use.  All in all, the entire interface was very easy for anyone to use, student or advisor.  This made our work quite enjoyable and kept everyone motivated to do more.”

Lindsay Riessen, South Seminole Middle School, Casselberry told us:

“The Jostens Company, the Yearbook Avenue design software, and my Jostens Representative, Chad Ragland, made the experience easy, fun and engaging for both my students and I. Jostens gives their schools and students plenty of support. Any time I had a question, I always had someone contact me back with a full resolution within a few hours, at most. The company provides a fully immersive design program that also includes video, worksheets and planning tools that help build curriculum for students.

All of our interactions have been very positive and professional. The staff are eager to help support school personnel whenever needed and go above and beyond to ensure we have a quality yearbook made in a timely manner that best represents our school. I highly recommend Jostens for your Yearbook needs.”

Maureen DeFeo, Ormond Beach Middle School, Ormond Beach told us:

“ In relationship to my experience with Jostens and Chad while at Ormond Beach Middle School, I can honestly say it was a relief. This was my first year as the yearbook coordinator and I was completely overwhelmed. Fortunately, the previous yearbook teacher, who left our school to work at the district level, chose Jostens and Chad prior to my arrival. Chad is always accessible, highly organized and very knowledgeable regarding yearbook design and journalism. He is always willing to help and offered many solutions to extensive questions.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Jostens and Chad Ragland. They are very professional and helpful. Their website is extensive in a way that it has a lot to offer, yet simple as it is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Chad’s dedication to Ormond Beach Middle School and to myself was and still is invaluable.”

Betsy DeLettre, Bookkeeper, Rockledge High School, Rockledge told us:

"I used Jostens at Madison Middle school while I was there (2008 – 2014), and Chad Ragland, the rep, was awesome!  When I came to Rockledge High 2 ½ years ago, they were using another publisher.  I wasn’t impressed with the other company and the service we received.  After all we went through, I suggested to the yearbook sponsor to check out and talk with Jostens for this year.  She did and the yearbook this year from Jostens was awesome and everyone was complimenting the sponsor on what an awesome yearbook we had this year!"

Trina LaBaw, Gotha Middle School, Windermere told us:

“Creating a yearbook is a true team effort. We went through the process of interviewing various representatives of yearbook companies last year in May. Although every company has their strengths, Jostens, with Chad Ragland as the representative, checked all the boxes and then some for what we were looking for as our publisher.

Certain things really stuck out to our selection committee with Jostens. First, they are very well established and nationally known. This created confidence that they would deliver on the promises made and help create a terrific yearbook. Second, was Chad himself. He is very knowledgeable about all stages of creating a yearbook and his passion for making a quality product is infectious. I walked away from interviewing him knowing he would be there for me and my staff with any questions we had. The third thing that stood out about Jostens was the quality of materials and curriculum support they provide the adviser with in order to teach journalistic principles through a class or club setting. Everything I needed was at my fingertips at any time.

After selecting Jostens, it was simple to complete our contract and get started with our software. I have a small club that meets twice a week to create our yearbook. Chad was able to meet with our staff multiple times over the course of the year. He was easily accessible through email and phone calls.

Working with Chad’s team through Jostens is also very easy. Any technical questions or issues I encountered were handled quickly and efficiently.

I have created yearbooks in the past with other companies and I am thrilled to have selected Chad Ragland and Jostens to create our yearbook this year and for years to come.  I recommend Chad to you without reservation.”

Nikki Golub, Ivy Hawn Charter School,  Lake Helen told us:

“Looking at the yearbooks now, I can’t believe the journey my yearbook class and I went on to get to this time of distribution. From the beginning until the end, Chad Ragland has been beyond supportive. As all of you know, teaching is hard, and having support really means something. I can truly say that from the bottom of my heart, I wouldn’t have been able to produce such a beautiful yearbook without the help of Chad Ragland, Jennifer Rudolph, tech support, and the amazing yearbook avenue website. Jostens truly provides all yearbook advisors with tremendous support!

Jostens provides curriculum and resources. All of the resources are meaningful and allow the teacher and students to feel engaged, informed, and successful. Yearbook Avenue is an amazing site that is well organized and helps you through the entire process. It is so nice that for one of my subject areas, I didn’t have to frantically search for resources, Jostens supplies it all; therefore, you can truly work on the task at hand. Whenever I had questions, I could contact the tech support and the team there was always helpful and I never had to wait for a longtime to get ahold of someone. Whenever I had questions about the book and printing, Jennifer Rudolph was by my side. Chad Ragland was available via text, email, and with his visits to the school. He always made sure that I felt successful, and he was the true guiding force behind our successful yearbook this year. The finished product is looks absolutely beautiful and all of the colors are rich. Jostens gives you a lot of freedom with the book cover and everything, and it really seems like you are limitless with what you can create! I am truly looking forward to next year and the possibilities that await our new book and our new theme!!!

All in all, I couldn’t imagine creating this book without Chad Ragland and the Jostens Team! There endless support through this entire process is what helped us be successful! I strongly recommend that you join the Jostens team!”

Laurel Oliver, Indian Trails Middle School, Winter Springs told us:

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Chad and the Jostens yearbook team. The entire team is responsive and professional. This was my first year as a yearbook/journalism teacher. Chad guided me through the curriculum and made this year successful. I found the process easy to manage with his assistance.

My returning crew prefers Jostens to their old yearbook publisher. The yearbook staff likes Jostens’ ladder tools better. As a former advertising professional for print material, I was impressed with Jostens’ creative choices. Chad enthusiastically walked us through the steps and kept us on track. He is fun to work with and my students enjoyed his lectures and tips. We also attended the workshops and found them to be very helpful. My yearbook team is proud of the yearbook “A Piece of Time” they produced.”

Emily Aycrigg, Milwee Middle School, Longwood told us:

“Chad is exactly the person you want in your corner. Yearbook can be stressful and Chad is gifted at calming nerves and clarifying what needs to be done. For example, this past year as a new adviser, I was losing sleep over several spreads and deadlines. I had no real idea of the process and did not know where to start. I reached out to Chad and he made time to meet with me that week and walked me through the process step by step.

It is unbelievably comforting to know that there is someone I can reach quickly who will give me a human explanation and is intimately familiar with our account and our book. Chad has specific goals for our program and helps us to achieve more each year.

I can’t think of anyone better to help a school record their memories.”

Casey Strattan, Satellite High School, Satellite Beach told us:

“Jostens is certainly an impressive yearbook company to be working with. The website, customer service, special features, network of advisors and curriculum for the students and teacher are all great! But ultimately, any school yearbook will only be as good as the yearbook rep. And there is no better than Chad. No matter the question, request, time of year, or any other circumstance, he always makes us feel like we are his only yearbook. I can count on him to celebrate the good times with us and help ease any troubles that come our way. I am impressed with how quickly he gets back to me with ANY question or concern that pops up.

And equally important in my (year)book, is that the students love him. And all of my students love him. Adore him. Worship... ooops, maybe took it too far. Although, he does actually has a fan club in my class this year. (Complete with computer desktop backgrounds for members.) So, if there is any question about who should be at the top of Yearbook Mt. me, you cannot go wrong with the man, the legend...Mr. Chad Ragland.”

April Lockaby, Space Coast Jr. / Sr. High School, Cocoa told us:

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jostens Yearbooks for the last four years, two as a volunteer to the yearbook adviser and two as yearbook adviser. Jostens Representative Chad Ragland, Creative Consultant John Cutsinger, and the members of the Yearbook Avenue staff worked right alongside me, guiding me through the process of planning, creating, advertising, selling, and distributing our school’s yearbook. They are a critical part of the team that has driven us to have an award-winning yearbook year after year.  Whenever I have had a question or incident with our book, I know right who to go to and get a response instantly or, worse case scenario, within a business day. Even with what I would consider a downright crisis, like mislabeling an entire section of the yearbook but not noticing until AFTER the section was completed, Chad and the team of people working on our book at the plant were able to work together to get the section back to me so that my staff and I could make it right.

Over the summer, Jostens holds a camp that provides the tools necessary to jump start the yearbook planning process. During the camp, my staff and I can attend workshops led by leaders in the yearbook publication industry that train us to improve on our advertising, photography, story and caption-writing, even cover design! These trainings have been very beneficial in gaining the knowledge necessary to create a foundation that the yearbook staff and I can build on. We get several weeks, if not months, worth of planning done in just a few days! It makes for a less stressful start to the new year once school gets started.

Creating the school’s story, the yearbook, can be a daunting task but what the people at Jostens do to mentor and support their clients makes the process easier. When the book arrives to the school, the quality of the book from cover to cover is remarkable. The quality of their product and their incredible customer service is extraordinary. I don’t believe there is another company out there that can measure up.”

Casey Vaughn, The First Academy, Orlando told us:

“As my first year as The First Academy’s yearbook adviser comes to a close, I have learned many lessons that will be helpful though the years. But more importantly, I have thrived as an adviser thanks to our Jostens representative Chad Ragland. From day one he was there to show me how things work, offer sage advice, and keep our staff on track to not only meet our deadlines but also succeed. Students also looked forward to meeting with him to share their design ideas. Beyond the meetings, Chad was always available via text and email anytime I had a question – and I had a lot!

While it’s been several years since I worked with a yearbook publisher, Chad’s work ethic and compassion exceeded all my expectations. From sharing tips on how to handle working with parents and principals, to how to market our book to students, and much more. I am very grateful for his guidance. I look forward to working with him for many years to come.”

Carrie Russell, Buddy Taylor Middle School, Palm Coast told us:

“Jostens allows our middle school students to create a yearbook unlike any other.  The program that is used to create the yearbook is very user friendly and easy to teach the students.  My interactions with Jostens customer service have been outstanding they are helpful and prompt with assistance.  The yearbooks are reasonably priced while still providing our students with a beautiful hardcover and professional design.   Jostens is a company that is staying current with new and exciting ways to keep the yearbooks interesting.  Our students want to purchase these yearbooks year after year. Overall, I’m very glad that we have chosen Jostens as the supplier of our middle school yearbook.  I feel that Jostens is making changes and giving our students the best yearbook available.”

Michele Thomas, Cocoa High School, Cocoa told us:

“I was an absolute "newbie" when I started teaching yearbook last year; I didn't even take the yearbook class when I was in high school.  Chad took an absolutely daunting challenge and made it doable.  He was there to hold my hand that first year through everything.  He was available and answered every question whether through email, phone call or text.  I don't think I could have done it without him.  The Jostens Yearbook Avenue was easy to learn and gave us everything we needed to complete our yearbook.  It was well worth it to go to the summer workshop as well.  Jennifer was also a huge help whenever I needed anything from her or had any questions.  I would definitely recommend Chad and Jostens for all things Yearbook!”

Theresa Booher, St. Andrew Catholic School, Orlando told us:

“I have been working with Jostens and Chad Ragland for two years now. I could not be happier with the service and the final product that we get from Jostens. Chad, our yearbook representative is attentive to our needs and offers to help in any way he can. He checks in with us periodically to make sure we can adjust our order with ease. There are little details that I like about Jostens and Chad; they really make you feel like you are working with family or even friends, not a company. It is hard to explain but it truly makes working on the yearbook easier. The software is very easy to use and having the templates make it very easy for beginners to navigate and make a spectacular yearbook.”

Tracy Eckhardt, Dr. Phillips High School, Orlando told us:

“It has been a pleasure to work with Chad as a first-year adviser. His passion for yearbook shows in his eagerness to work with me.  His ability to relate to my staff was exceptional.  I could unconditionally count on Chad to assist me in learning the ins and outs of the 21st century yearbook. He was able to guide me through every step, from my many questions of managing the staff, to completing details required for submission.  Chad was able to offer guidance even when I didn’t know what to ask.  He was a great sounding board for our ideas. Chad’s energy is infectious and his knowledge immeasurable!  He is full of wit and charm and such a pleasure to have visit the classroom.”

Jessica Hernandez, Freedom High School, Orlando told us:

“As the advisor for Freedom High School’s yearbook, I have enjoyed having Chad Ragland on my team throughout the process of putting our yearbook together.

I met Chad toward the end of the year last year as I was preparing to take over the yearbook for the 2016-2017 school year as a new advisor. Chad helped me make my transition smooth by having open lines of communication, touching base frequently to make sure things were running well on our end, and visiting to engage with my yearbook staff. He guided us toward workshops that my students and myself found useful, sent us guidance tips every week, and was a text message away whenever we had questions. He successfully guided us through processes that helped us complete a yearbook we are proud of. He is professional, has a strong bias for action, and thinks outside the box. Any yearbook advisor is lucky to have him as their representative.”

Kayla Engle, Merritt Island High School, Merritt Island told us:

“After meeting with Chad about what to expect from this year, how to manage the book, and what my responsibilities would be, I felt confident and excited to get started. Chad’s positive and encouraging attitude gave me confidence, but more importantly it gave me a resource to openly ask questions to, raise concerns with, and celebrate accomplishments with. He was a constant and reliable support system, not only checking in regularly with me, but making regular visits to the school to make sure that we were on track and doing well. My students always looked forward to Chad’s visits because he spent them uplifting the kids, celebrating their work, and motivating them to continue working. I cannot speak highly enough of Chad and the impact he made on my kids and our program this year. As a first year advisor, I was so well-supported that I was able to enjoy every minute of this role with little stress and feel a true sense of pride in my students and what they created.

Jostens itself is an amazing company. The interfacing system used to create the book is user-friendly and easy to learn. My students were able to create stunning spreads from scratch or draw inspiration from Jostens’ templates. The beauty of the system is that it is online, meaning that we were able to work diligently both inside of school and out. Working with a multitude of photography companies, Jostens makes uploading and flowing your school pictures a breeze. Nothing about creating the book was difficult – everything was simple and straightforward, allowing for creativity and innovation. Their website also makes managing sales, personalization, and ad sales a breeze. Every piece of information you could need is at your fingertips, and Chad makes sure you know about every tool and are able to access it.”

Brandon Mitchell, Lawton Chiles Middle School, Oviedo told us:

“Our yearbook came out fantastic with the help of the entire Jostens team. At any point in which I needed help or assistance, the company was happy to offer assistance. I never felt alone while working with Jostens and their team. No matter if I was reaching out to technical support or to our plant consultant, the process was always smooth and accommodating. The Jostens team is made up of professionals who truly enjoy what they do. They helped us customize and create a unique yearbook which really fit the needs of our students and school.

A great yearbook company needs a great representative. A better one cannot be found than Chad Ragland. Coming to the school as a new advisor was a little unnerving, but Chad has constantly been there to reassure me and ease my fears. I found Chad to be extremely reliable, trustworthy, honest, and proactive. Chad is a business professional who made himself available and accessible whenever I had questions or concerns. He was always interested in discussing ways to solve problems, brainstorm ideas, and gave great advice and suggestions on how to improve our yearbook, and increase our sales.”

Patrick Vickers, Edgewood Jr. / Sr. High School, Merritt Island told us:

“After changing schools and spending a few years as an English teacher, I have again returned to the Journalism room. Renewing my working relationship with Chad has been great. Even though it has been only a few years, the technology involved in creating a yearbook has leapt forward. Chad and the Jostens team has again been here to guide me through the process. Chad met with me in my first week, and we began setting priorities. Chad was there for me that year with whatever I needed; he never seemed rushed or too busy to offer advice, training, and ideas. It felt like I was his only school. My transition from English teacher back to Yearbook Adviser has been much easier than I expected, due in large part to Chad and Jostens’ hard work and availability when I had questions.

Chad’s knowledge, positive attitude, and energy make it very easy for me to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a partner on the journey to a great yearbook.”

Alisa Wendorph, Sanford Middle School, Sanford told us:

“This was my first year as a middle school yearbook teacher, and I would not have survived without Chad. While that is a bit of hyperbole, in all seriousness, Chad Ragland has guided our entire process. He’s been readily available via phone or email when we were in crisis mode. I admire Chad’s enthusiasm, but especially appreciate his knowledge. Chad has a wealth of ideas, which he is eager to share.

As an ELA teacher, I had certain expectations, and was mortified when some errors slipped past me into “submitted” pages. I was shocked, but also tickled pink, when a Jostens plant consultant called or emailed me regarding an error they found and suggested we fix. I had no clue they were so attentive to detail on their end.

I can say with assurance that Chad Ragland and the Jostens team have made my yearbook experience worth repeating. I am already looking forward to summer workshops and next year’s yearbook.”

Captain Keith Parsons, Osceola County Sheriff's Department, Osceola County told us:

"I was recently tasked with developing a yearbook for my agency and Sheriff, who was retiring after a forty year career in law enforcement. I initially considered the job daunting, but was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the project after selecting Jostens as our vendor with Chad Ragland as my representative. Chad made himself available when needed, explained yearbook publishing techniques in understandable terms, and took the time to give a critical review of our book as it progressed. In addition, the software provided by Jostens was extremely easy to use and covered every aspect needed for the project to be a success. Without any hesitation, I would use Jostens and Chad Ragland again for our next yearbook project."

Jessica Taylor, Edgewood Junior/Senior High School, Merritt Island told us:

"Working with Chad Ragland and Jostens has been a wonderful experience. I never realized how much a yearbook company and its representatives can affect the outcome of the quality of a yearbook, until we switched to Jostens. All the problems we had with our previous company, never existed with Chad.

Not only is the actual print quality of the book better, but the customer service is outstanding. Any time I had a question or a problem of some kind, I e-mailed Chad and he immediately got back to me with answers and solutions. He would regularly visit the school to check in. He was always prompt, professional, and the yearbook staffers loved him.

At the end of the year, there were never any surprises. The invoice was spot on and timely. The books were even shipped a week early!

We have Chad to thank for his help in making us an award-winning publication. I can’t recommend him and Jostens enough."

Christian Lehane, Freedom High School, Orlando told us:

"I have been the yearbook adviser for Freedom for six years, and I would not want to work with any other company. I have received incredible support and customer service from every member of the Jostens team I have encountered.  Their tech support and assigned plan consultants have answered every question my students and I have had quickly, thoroughly and professionally.  Never once have I received anything less than stellar service in any exchange on any topic. Chad Ragland has been our Jostens Representative for 5 years, and is an excellent example of the right person for the right job. If Jostens’ slogan “We speak yearbook” is true, then Chad is the one who wrote the dictionary.  He comes in to work with my students whenever needed, in whatever way needed, from brainstorming and design to final sales. He knows how to motivate and communicate with all students, from the most inspired dreamer to the most truculent slacker.  He truly enjoys what he does, is a fountain of incredible ideas in every aspect of yearbook design, creation, and marketing. His mission has always been to help us get the best quality book out on time, and I could not possibly recommend him any more highly.”

Layla O'Hare, Cocoa Beach Junior / Senior High School, Cocoa Beach told us:

"Over the past 15 years I have been the yearbook advisor at Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School. Over those 15 years, I have been with three different publishing companies with too many reps to count.  Of all the reps I have worked with over the years, I have to say that Chad Ragland is one of the best. Chad knows then ins-and-outs of the yearbook business. No matter how big or small the emergency, Chad is willing to do whatever it takes to solve it. Above all, he is always available. He responds to emails immediately and is available by phone or text. Not only is Chad a great rep, but Jostens is also a great company. First of all, their pricing and invoicing makes sense. There are no surprises or hidden fees. This makes setting a budget easier and makes school audits less of a nightmare.  Next, their online publishing program is user friendly and modern. The online program has all the modern elements needed to create an up-to-date yearbook that today’s teenagers expect. Furthermore, Jostens helps sell yearbooks for schools. They send flyers and emails to school families and their online sales program is easy for families to navigate. Jostens also enables families to create their own senior dedication pages. Parents can pay for and design their own pages; not only does this make it easier for families, but it also saves advisors and staff valuable time. Overall I have been extremely happy with the service the Chad has provided. He makes creating a yearbook fun again, and his excitement is genuine and contagious. Jostens is an experienced company that is easy to work with. I have no reservation in recommending Chad or Jostens. They have made this the easiest yearbook I have produced in 15 year.”

Laura Davis, Ascension Catholic School, Melbourne told us:

"Designing and creating a yearbook is a massive undertaking. With so many different aspects of the yearbook process from the creative to the financial side, it is vital to have a solid team working with you to guide and to help you throughout the year. Chad Ragland, our Jostens’ yearbook representative, and his team have done that for us and more. With the help of Chad and his team, our school has sold more yearbooks this year than we ever have in year’s past. They have created a personalized sales goal and have helped to implement it by sending emails home to prospective purchasers, delivering promotional material, and ensuring we are trained on how to use the materials Jostens provides.

Whenever there is a yearbook crisis, and trust me there is always a yearbook crisis, Chad and his team are available to help solve it. Whether it was removing a picture from a page that was already submitted, realizing the wrong name was typed under an important picture, or discussing themes for a yearbook during our school’s anniversary year, Chad has smoothed over our bumps with patience and quick thinking. He has also attended our end of the year yearbook party celebrating the culmination of a year’s long process. And he has shared our success with others by emailing our principal and other school administration to let them know what a fantastic yearbook program we created. Our school has tried several different yearbook companies in the past. Chad, and Jostens, by far, provide the most flexible plan, the highest quality yearbook, and the best overall experience.”

Heidi Tribble, Madison Magnet Middle School, Titusville told us:

"Madison Middle School has had the pleasure of working with Jostens and its fine team of experts for the last eleven years. Of those eleven years, I was the advisor for of ten of those books. I would love to share part of my journey into the yearbook world and with the Jostens team. I cannot begin to say how wonderful Chad is to work with. His level of support, help and professionalism cannot be paralleled. Chad suggested that I begin my training with a summer workshop offered by Jostens. This is an intense training opportunity offered during the summer. Each part of the yearbook process, planning to selling, is broken down into manageable parts. Attendees are able to get advice and feedback from some of the best people in the journalism field. This is where I met John Cutsinger, another Jostens superstar. Any time I have needed help or advice, Chad and John have responded quickly with help or a solution. Knowing that I am never alone in this endeavor is invaluable. Every now and then, I get other companies that come to me trying to get our yearbook business. I can honestly say that I have not found another company or representative that can match let alone exceed what I currently have with Jostens. In fact with the help of Chad Ragland and John Cutsinger, I have been able to inspire middle school students to reach beyond what even they thought that they could do in order to create a history book, a book of memories for the student body. This is priceless."

Holly Gray, First Academy, Leesburg told us:

“Not only could I count on Chad and his guidance, but the students did as well. The yearbook staff enjoyed interacting with Chad and relied on his insight and suggestions. I would often hear the students say “Let’s just ask Chad!” I loved the way Chad made us feel like were the only yearbook staff he was helping and how each question we had was top priority. Chad’s enthusiasm for his job was contagious and his love for people was evident in every interaction we had.”



Diane Rumbley, Covenant Christian School, Palm Bay told us:

"I have had the professional pleasure of working with Chad Ragland for nine of the last ten years as a yearbook adviser. He has been able to assist with everything I have needed to develop our yearbook program. Chad is passionate about yearbook and understands the nuances of planning, creating and selling a book from a small private pre K-12 school (ours) to very large public high schools. He is a consistent communicator with weekly emails and regularly scheduled visits to the classroom. Chad and his team - including John Cutsinger - also put on staff workshops in the spring and summer that are invaluable in producing a yearbook. Jostens offers exceptional tools for yearbook production. We use Yeartech Online to design our book and it is incredible in its layout and use. Yearbook Avenue with the digital classroom access contains all that you need to educate a staff of yearbook students. The ReplayIt site is very helpful in engaging your school community in sharing school life photos with your staff to increase student coverage in your book. Chad Ragland, his team and Jostens are a winning combination to use in support of producing a quality yearbook. With their combined extensive experience and guidance, I have benefited in being able to produce an award winning publication while providing 21st century skills - communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity to my students.”

Anna Nagy, DeLaura Middle School, Satellite Beach told us:

"Since joining ‘Team Chad’, I can honestly, truthfully, say I have never looked back. Chad has been an amazing resource and has provided so many more opportunities for support than I ever thought possible. From the yearbook standpoint, I always make sure I attend his summer workshop with as many staff members as I can. He brings such talents to the table that give us one-on-one feedback and support. He is at my beck and call throughout the year, and makes a point to develop a relationship with all his advisors. It never feels like he is just ‘checking the box’. He really does know us and care deeply about not only our product but our growth and development as a program. Chad helps all of his schools connect to experts that can work with us. His summer workshop introduces my staff to people like John Cutsinger, a creative consultant that has more energy than my kiddos! John, nationally-recognized advisors Matt LaPorte, Margaret Sorrows, and Casey & Sarah Nichols, and photography guru Mike McLean are just the most recent resources he has offered to his teams that have taken my program from a struggling club to a financially and competitively successful program. Chad only surrounds himself with the best. I can tell you, we are hooked and will stick with Jostens for MANY years to come. And the glue? Chad Ragland.”

Mark Schledorn, West Shore Junior / Senior High School, Melbourne told us:

“I worked with another company my first two yearbooks and was amazed at the difference between the price that appeared on our bid contact and the one that I was expected to pay when the book arrived at the school. It took me two years to figure out that if a bid price sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Chad Ragland and Jostens provides the opportunity to work with the nationally known yearbook guru John Cutsinger, who has helped me push my staffs to reach their full potential. John Cutsinger is a tremendous resource. His cutting edge knowledge coupled with his boundless energy makes it nearly impossible for staffs – and their advisers – not to be excited about their yearbooks. Perhaps the most important reason I stick with Jostens is because the company stands behinds its product. I find Jostens to be among the best in terms of color reproduction, technology, and overall quality. My yearbook staffs have consistently received national acclaim for their work and a large portion of that acclaim stems from the superb publication practices employed at Jostens.”


Rhonda Yetman, Orangewood Christian School, Maitland told us:

"I have worked with Chad Ragland and Jostens for 5 years and have been through a multitude of yearbook experiences with them both.  Jostens is a top-notch company that values customer service and aiding the yearbook advisor and staff in the process of publishing a yearbook. When I first began advising our yearbook, Chad’s assistance was invaluable. He was consistently available to come in and work with my staff to teach how to navigate the website and other aspects of producing a yearbook. He walked very closely by me that first year and did whatever he could to help me to have a successful year. Throughout subsequent years, Chad, along with John Cutsinger, frequented our classroom to encourage our staff members and aided in the production process in a multitude of ways. They have helped with design ideas, marketing plans, headline writing, and also helped celebrate our deadline completions, often bringing in “goodies” for our staff. With their support we have been able to increase the quality of our book, even earning a CSPA Crown Award in 2015.”


Michele Smith, The First Academy, Orlando told us:

"Chad has been more than reliable for my school. He truly cares about my students and the book we are producing. He has made my job feel like a breeze. It really is such a great feeling to know you are not alone in this process. At one point this year, Chad noticed that my book sales were way down. He came in and helped me devise a plan to promote and sell the book. As it turns out, this year will be a record breaking year of sales online.(That means cameras and supplies for my classroom!) As often as needed, Chad will come to my class and answer questions or help train students. It has been amazing to witness the change in my yearbook program. He has empowered my students and me with the ability to do an outstanding job. I can’t express enough my gratitude for having this support. I know for myself, Jostens was the most logical and best decision. Chad was a big deciding factor in this process. I can’t say enough about his work ethic and genuine care for his clients."


Deb Grund, Dr. Phillips High School, Orlando told us:

"I had surgery and was laid up for 5 weeks. It was difficult, and I’m still not fully recovered. John and Chad came in and worked with my students to finish the book. The two of them orchestrated the entire last half of the yearbook. John was here almost every day. They were truly amazing. I have to tell you that Jostens is probably the fairest company I’ve worked with so far. The yearbook came in a week earlier than expected, and it just ships from Tennessee, which was so fast. I’m very happy with them.”



Jackie Gogel, Sweetwater Elementary School, Port Orange told us:

"I have been working with Jostens for two years with Chad Ragland as our advisor, and my experience has been wonderful. Chad has been very supportive and always there whether through email, text or by phone, to answer any questions that you may have. He constantly sends out emails with great advice and suggestions on how to make your yearbook the best that it can be. The product is amazing, and the overall customer service has been superb."



Marsha Hannan, New Smyrna Beach High School, New Smyrna Beach told us:

"Chad is AMAZING and goes above and beyond - he has helped me increase our sales, our yearbook is so much better than it has EVER been, the Jostens computer program is WONDERFUL and very easy to use and figure out. What you do not figure out Chad is always there to help. Jennifer has sent me so many pages back and is such a bright cheerful person. My staff adores Chad and Jennifer. Changing to Jostens from our old yearbook company was the best move that I have ever made.”



Karisa Wodz, DeLand Middle School, DeLand told us:

"The Jostens’ site has been incredibly easy to use and to teach to our first year staffer; the program offered a developed curriculum and marketing materials that were easy to produce and effective. Our rep is Chad Ragland and he really is the best part of the deal; if I didn’t know any better, I would think we were his only school because he is so diligent about responding to questions and assisting whenever needed (usually within the hour). He even met with our students to teach them how to use the software and best journalism practices. He’s honest, attentive, and professional, which goes along way when dealing with an outside vender. I truly wouldn’t have made it through my first year without all of his support."


Haleigh Hitzing, Lake Nona Middle School, Lake Nona told us:

"At the school level the insight I’ve gained from Chad Ragland, our Account Manager, has been nothing but superior. He is available day and night to answer any questions, from design tips to budget concerns and everything in between. He truly is outstanding at what he does. Not only has he been an amazing resource for me, but his ability to work with the yearbook staff is a pleasure to watch.”



Densie Stewart, Merritt Island High School, Merritt Island told us:

"I was introduced to Chad by another local yearbook adviser.  He came with GREAT recommendation by several advisers in our district, and when I met him, I instantly knew why.  Chad is simply an amazing yearbook representative! When Chad tallied off the different resources I would have as an adviser and my students would have for production, I wanted to cry.  It seemed almost too good to be true – online yearbook creation through Yearbook Avenue design tools, incomparable sales tracking and personalized marketing tools that are also easy to use, ReplayIt that allows the entire school community to contribute photographs to our image gallery, and access to the beyond talented creative genius of Mr. John Cutsinger (John really deserves a whole paragraph alone, but if you get the chance to meet him, you’ll understand that words can’t possibly do him justice! Trust me – he is an invaluable resource!).”


Ryan Bowden, Trinity Preparatory School, Winter Park told us:

“As a first-year yearbook adviser, I found myself leaning on Chad more than ever as he helped me navigate the challenging waters of running a school yearbook over the course of the past school year. Chad proved to be an outstanding mentor, going above and beyond the call of duty to provide support, mentorship, and the answers to all of my daily phone calls, emails, and text messages.”



Callie Williams, Astronaut High School, Titusville told us:

"Chad’s devotion to our staff and our yearbook program shows in his thorough attention to details and his willingness to assist in any way he can.  He has been great to work with, and I can truly say he has shown outstanding skills and knowledge in all areas of yearbook. In my experiences, I have come to rely on Chad as well as the other members of the Jostens team when more than once I have needed assistance or guidance in any area.”



Karrah Hudkins, Space Coast Junior / Senior High School, Port St. John told us:

 "The students and I look forward to every visit and when Chad leaves, every question, problem, or situation is resolved. I never have had that reassurance until we switched to Jostens. Every aspect of Jostens services offered has made the yearbook process easier than I could have ever imagined. I can honestly tell you that Chad, John and everyone at Jostens has made my experience with creating yearbooks such a dream job.”



Lisa Ferry, Viera High School, Viera told us:

"Not only does Chad guide us through every step of the yearbook making process, he is our personal cheerleader. The kids become so excited when they hear Chad is on his way for a classroom visit and consultation. The kids look forward to his input and advice about their ideas and designs. Chad has encouraged the students and I to place our work in local and national competitions. In fact, Chad lead us to victory in 2012-2013 when we won the National Yearbook Program of Excellence.”


 Mark Sherwood, Milwee Middle School, Longwood told us:

"Our awards include: Pacemaker and Pacemaker Finalist awards from the National Scholastic Press Association; Crown awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association; All Florida awards from the Florida Scholastic Press Association; and others. Although my staff and I are proud of our accomplishments, there is another team of professionals that help us tremendously year after year in order to excel. This is the team from Jostens Publishing Company.”


Christine Grantham, Harmony High School, Harmony told us:

“I have had a very positive relationship with Jostens, and specifically with Chad Ragland for many, many years.  He is a strong and efficient rep and will definitely help you meet your school's needs. He is knowledgeable, always prompt, and very helpful.”